eMic HR2510

eMic HR2510 eMic HR2510

(Premium Electret
Microphone for HR2510/2600/Lincoln)

This microphone is currently unavailable due to boycotting of products from China


  • Condenser type Microphone for HR2510/2600/Lincoln
  • Up/Down buttons for channel selection
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • New non-Battery version

eMic HR2510 provides a premium microphone HM-36 (Clone) type microphone that is a true performer for the HR2510/2600/Lincoln type transceivers. This custom microphone will enhance your transmit audio with better range and cleaner highs. This modified microphone introduces a condenser microphone (Electret) type of element which provides much better voice quality. The original version used a CR2032 battery, however this new version get’s it’s power from the radio so a battery is no longer needed.

Sound Comparisons

Consider the audio sound bytes below. The first set of sound bytes were recorded with the standard HR2510 stock mic with the Mic Gain on the radio at full gain. The second set of sound bytes were recorded with the eMic HR2510 microphone. This audio was recorded out from a Kenwood TS-850s listening wide.

HR2510 with stock mic

On AM:


  HR2510 with eMic mic

On AM:  

On SSB:   You can hear the distinct condenser type speech improvement over the standard dynamic type of microphone that these radios typically have.

Cost The cost for this microphone is USD $49.95,.  Shipping charges do apply and are around $7.00 to ship into the US.

Warranty We provide a 6 month warranty from the date of purchase for full return no questions asked. Purchaser will be responsible for providing return shipping cost. For inquiries, please contact us We hope you enjoy your new enhanced microphone and we truly appreciate your business. Our focus is to provide useful and quality products that our consumers will truly enjoy. We will be providing more great products like the eMic HR2510 in the near future, so come back soon and tell your friends and family about our product(s).  

This microphone is currently unavailable due to boycotting of products from China

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