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eMic HR2510
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eMic HR2510/2600/Lincoln

  • Condenser type Microphone for HR2510/2600/Lincoln
  • Up/Down buttons for channel selection
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • New non-Battery version

eMic HR2510 provides a premium microphone HM-36 (Clone) type microphone that is a true performer for the HR2510/2600/Lincoln type transceivers. This custom microphone will enhance your transmit audio with better range and cleaner highs. This modified microphone introduces a condenser microphone (Electret) type of element which provides much better voice quality. The original version used a CR2032 battery, however this new version get’s it’s power from the radio so a battery is no longer needed.


We provide a 6 month warranty from the date of purchase for either repair or full return no questions asked. Purchaser will be responsible for providing return shipping cost. For warranty repair and returns, please provide your purchase name, purchase date, and details of the problem by submitting a request on the contact us page.