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osDevices Amateur Radio San Antonio hosts a wealth of information about radio electronics, computer systems, and general technical discussion. There will be open blogs under many categories for anyone who is already technical, or those who want to learn more and contribute to this forum. Our goal is to build a very strong informational data structure that provides a broad range of information, media, technical documents, manuals, and everything in between. This site will also include an online auction,  which will contain used as well as new electronic and related items, and miscellaneous other related inventory.

osDevices Registered Users

osDevices registered users will have access to post resources including technical documentation, media, and discount qualification in the online store. Other benefits site-wide meta links to users own website(s). Signing up is very simple, and after approval you will have immediate access to start your technical postings on osDevices. Register now!

Site Additions and Maintenance

As of January, 2019, we are under an aggressive site maintenance windows to try to get most of the common content put into the site so we can provide you with information and services that may be relevant to what your looking for. Please do not hesitate to make recommendations and provide feedback as to how the site can be improved by “Contacting Us” at any time. The online auction will be a great place to go find some good used ham radio and other electronic gear all from your local osDevices Amateur Radio San Antonio, Texas.

Additional Information

More to come……. osDevices Amateur Radio San Antonio

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